Resilience 101 Values

A strong sense of community engenders strength, and you are invited to participate in this community.  

If you have ideas for future content or collaborative opportunities, please provide your suggestions via the Contact form.

You are encouraged to participate in discussion about site content by posting to the Comment areas included beneath all articles.

  • It is acknowledged that all problems are not the same.  Some problems call for listening; at other times, a problem calls for a strong individual to stand up against a tide; and other times, a huge show of solidarity.  Resilience includes making informed choices about what is most appropriate in specific circumstances.
  • Diversity of thought, experience and knowledge is welcome.  Every individual’s expertise can be subject to information biases, including gaps and superseded ideas, so different perspectives can greatly improve the quality of information that we all end up sharing.

Source references will be used to improve the quality of information, especially when the risk of mis-information is greatest.

  • If your comments offer a contrasting perspective about a referenced article, please include your publicly accessible source references (URLs are fine) so that your contribution can be validated in the same way as the original post and other contrasting contributions.

Freedom of speech is extremely important to all the values listed above.  Therefore, all comments will be approved by the moderator, except for:

  • Spam;
  • Hate speech; and
  • Any form of vilification, bigotry or othering.

4 thoughts on “Resilience 101 Values

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  2. I see your page needs some unique articles. Writing manually is
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    1. Hello Leona. Thanks for your suggestion, but Resilience 101 is not in need of automatically generated articles. Using them would be against our Quality value (above), counteracting our goal of presenting considered content which disrupts misinformation that potentially undermines the preparedness, response and recovery phases of risk management that are so important to resilience.

      Agreed, this is taking a lot of time. But I am certain that it is worth it.


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