About Our Merchandise

Resilience 101 has recently launched a Merchandise collection.  The decision to branch into merchandise was made for two purposes:

  1. It is hoped that proceeds from sales of relevant merchandise will return sufficient profits to pay Resilience 101 site contributors, so that more time and attention can be focused on researching and creating increasingly high-quality content and resources; and
  2. When site content and related merchandise aligns with the activities of an official charity or non-profit organisation, and that organisation authorises our donation from merchandise sales, part or all of the proceeds from sales of those products can be directly transferred to that organisation.

This means that merchandise will help us walk our talk
regarding Resilience issues and projects.

Our merchandise gallery displays the full range of products, which are ordered through, and then manufactured and delivered by, Teespring.  Teespring is expertly equipped to provide secure payment, information privacy, and customer support via email and online chat.

Partnering with Teespring is a great solution for Resilience 101 because it enables both parties to focus on what we do best.

The artwork for merchandise is chosen for its relevance to the three core Resilience areas: Personal, Social and Business, and consistency with the Resilience 101 values.

Please have a look around the site today, and check back regularly to see our new content uploads. Browse through the navigation bar items, and follow with us to be automatically notified of new content – no spam, and you can opt out at any time.


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