How I found my Mojo

It was ‘all systems go’ when suddenly everything just deflated.  Why?   I had a plan to get my business up and running; complete with a strategic phase flow-chart, time-lined objectives, a rather long to-do list, and even a detailed work-flow manual. The latter had been pieced together, written and re-written during months of trial, error and practice.  I had the education, skills and experience, and never felt more ready.  Most importantly, I’d finally managed to extract myself from the full-time-employee treadmill: So I sat down at the computer to launch my own business.  Day 1 had finally arrived!


What am I doing?

Seriously?  This is weird.
A normal person would go out and get a real job.
One that would pay actual money.  From day one…

stares at computer

I am not a normal person.

Really, I’m not.  Because, even though I don’t have savings, I do not want a normal job.  For 30 years, I have worked for others, making their goals happen.  Now, while I still have the energy; when I am more prepared than ever, it’s time to make my own goals happen.

This is my time.  The time I have thought endlessly about and patiently waited for.  A time I am so ready for.

So where is my mojo gone?

Paused. Right at the threshold.  My foot at the door.

As I continue to stare at the computer, my hand takes the mouse.  I observe as I open Paintshop and create what I think my mojo looks like.  It’s pretty simple really.  And that’s lucky, because I’m not a talented designer.  Yet it conveys everything I need it to.

Sometimes the thing you seek is staring you in the face.

Understated.  Quirky.  A little bit weird.  And I like it.  My interest grows and I log into a drop-ship site and turn my mojo into something tangible.

smiling now

It’s simple.  A simple design; and a simple solution.

Finding mojo was not on any of my lists, but it was the first step across that threshold.  I created something useful. I can now surround myself with mojo, every day.

It will be my constant reminder that when things seem difficult, the thing to do is ‘just start’.  There are a lot of new doors for entrepreneurs (for everyone, really), but if we just start, we’ll be across those thresholds before we even know it.

Here is what I made.  I hope you like them, because they’re pretty special to me.

w1mojo iphone casemojo pillow


1mojo socksb


5 thoughts on “How I found my Mojo

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  1. I loved, where you said – I have worked for others, making their goals happen. Now, while I still have the energy; when I am more prepared than ever, it’s time to make my own goals happen. it is so important to follow ur passions and keep following them unless u succeed. wishing u luck in ur future endeavors.

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  2. These Mojo’s are very beautiful designs which can go a long way to sell your business of either designing for companies or individuals if you’re actually ready for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m not ready to design for others, but I am very much want to keep learning more skills.

      This is the simplest thing I’ve ever created, but by far the most successful. I think the reason it worked out so well this time is that it came from a moment of such authenticity.

      Thank you for your encouragement 🙂


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