The Revolution is Global


At 10am on 14th March, American students walked out of class for 17 minutes, honoring the 17 students and staff who died at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and demanding gun reform.  And this is just the beginning.

The students have indeed started a revolution.  And we all have a role in it.  Like it or not, America’s culture affects the rest of the world because it dominates our social media and our music, movies and TV viewing; and subtle shifts in our perceptions and attitudes infiltrate our own cultures and politics. Some of those influences are awesome, but the normalization and social acceptance of gun violence is dangerous to all of us. On the flip-side, these students have no examples of effective gun control within their own country, so they are turning to foreign examples such as Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan.

A week before the March 24 ‘March For Our Lives’ event, there are 763 marches registered across the world.  You can visit the main event website to find a March in your area.

There is also a global petition, which provides for citizens all over the planet to call on “all the adults in Congress elected to represent [Americans], to pass legislation that will protect and save children from gun violence” without compromising their law-abiding citizens’ Constitutional right to bear arms.

This is now a global movement.

If you can not attend a march, but would like to show your support, you can do so by signing the petition and/or using social media hashtags, including:


Students are able to search the hashtags and see our support – and, just as importantly, so can the American lawmakers.  Let’s show them that the world is watching.



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