Dr OD’s first Scambait Adventure

Scambaiting is not something everyone wants to do; nor is it something everyone wants to watch.  But I feel a responsibility to spend time with these criminals so that they can’t instead be stealing from others.

This is the video of my first adventure into the world of hampering a criminal.

Scammers target me often. So often that I recently decided to create a public Facebook album specifically to highlight the ‘friend requests’ I get from fake accounts. There are also a few Instagram message requests that I haven’t yet responded to: Maybe I’ll check out that one promising me an $80.000.000 grant… (Is that 80 bucks?)

I don’t have any special computer skills, or a Virtual Machine, but I’ve seen some scambaiting videos on YouTube, and thought it would be fun to try. But I did not imagine I’d be lucky enough to get such a classic cold call so soon. And I can’t believe how lucky we were that he called at a time that was so convenient to pull out a video camera and settle in to waste as much of his time as possible. Next time we will be even more ready.

IMPORTANT: NEVER FOLLOW THE SCAMMER’S INSTRUCTIONS. I did NOT actually type any of his instructions into the boxes he told me to use. Instead, I looked up the key words in Google Images so that I could figure out something to say when he asked what was on my screen.

If you have your own stories or tips to help waste scammers’ time, please let us know in the comments.  I want to do this again, and to make each time better and better!

Stay safe,



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