Why you need to know What Scammers Do, and How

In October 2017, The Balance published a description of typical scams which explains how criminals steal people's money using money exchanges such as Western Union (and in the news right now is that victims of scams conducted via Western Union should apply for a refund of their losses).  There are many such lists, published by … Continue reading Why you need to know What Scammers Do, and How


Desperate for a place to call Home

by Dr Kerri O'Donnell. Rarely have I ever been so angry...  My daughter and their partner have been living rough for almost three years.  Not on the streets, but not with the security of a place to call Home either.  Basically, they have been couch-surfing; staying in the spare rooms of friends or relatives while they … Continue reading Desperate for a place to call Home

For Every Child & Every Parent

by Bert Fulks ...I still recall my first time drinking beer at a friend’s house in junior high school—I hated it, but I felt cornered.  As an adult, that now seems silly, but it was my reality at the time.  “Peer pressure” was a frivolous term for an often silent, but very real thing; and … Continue reading For Every Child & Every Parent