What America Needs to Know about Migrants

... is its own Migration Story. By 4 News, via FactCheck: https://www.facebook.com/channel4factcheck/videos/934157460074099/   If you want to learn more about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, this Wikipedia entry seems to be a relatively neutral and reliable place to start.    


No Tolerance for Racism at a US Air Force Academy Prep School

Five black students at the U.S. Air Force Academy Prep School found racist slurs written on their doors. This was their superintendent's response. https://www.facebook.com/jorgeramosnews/videos/1996362337315878/  

Goodness Prevails amid Aussie Shitstorm

One politician's misinformed attempt to promote a confusing non-issue in Australia's Marriage Equality survey has backfired.  A prominent comedian noticed the blunder and turned Senator Bernadi's divisive tweet into a huge success for a group of Aussie kids trying to raise money to educate girls in Africa. Craigburn Primary School hoped to raise $900, but … Continue reading Goodness Prevails amid Aussie Shitstorm

Liberated Woman

"A diverse group of influential activists including fashion designer Mara Hoffman (National co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington), Carmen Perez and more… the Liberated Woman campaign is donating five dollars of every sale of this t-shirt to directly benefit women and people of color." Click the image (below) to buy at the Liberated People shop. … Continue reading Liberated Woman

An Oppressor in Activist Clothing

by Dr Kerri O'Donnell. My young adult daughter stumbled upon a Facebook post by a 'Mommy' who professes to be an Activist.  The woman describes herself on her official public figure Facebook page as: "I make videos. I rant. I speak places. I love my 10 kids and my hubby. I do it all because … Continue reading An Oppressor in Activist Clothing

Readers, writers and industry professionals unite to fund cancer treatment.

Kerri O'Donnell

Everyone loves when rock-stars donate their time and skills to help people out, right?

Best-selling author (and generous mentor), Mark Dawson, is one such rock-star, donating all proceeds from his current novella to fund his friend’s breast cancer treatment.

All his professional team (editors, designers, formatters, etc) worked on it for free. Writers and readers around the world are also uniting to spread the word – and I’m proud to be part of such a group.

PLEASE SHARE.  #fightforphoenix 

And if you’d like a copy, click below. My Kindle pre-order was just $2.39 AUD.

Emma has been battling with cancer for five years, and funds raised will provide access to an experimental drug that is showing great promise.

More information about Emma and the novella project is at http://www.fightforphoenix.com.  

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You Wouldn’t Know by Looking at Me

It takes a lot of courage and patience to articulate truth when wider society is so adept at, and chronically intent upon, "criticizing, finding fault as if there were a reward for it" (Zig Ziglar). Robin was invited to share the following work with Resilience 101 because it is an eloquent and deeply personal expression of the … Continue reading You Wouldn’t Know by Looking at Me

What should I learn about Racism?

This is one of my current projects, which I’m hosting on my personal site.
Please participate, if you wish, by including your comments at the end of the original post. Thank you. 

Kerri O'Donnell

I am writing a book about racism.

‘Why?’ you might ask.

Well, not because I have any expertise on the matter.  Not because I want to.  Not because it’s easy.  Not because it’s comfortable…  It’s none of those things.  And there are a bazillion easier ways to get a cookie, so it’s not that either.

To be clear up front, I am a a middle-aged 9th+ generation Tasmanian beige-skinned woman who grew up not even knowing there was such a thing as race.  I have not personally suffered anything on the basis of my race.  Ever.

But racism is my problem anyway.

3It is my students’ problem, my friends’ problem, my relatives’ problem, my country’s problem, my online community’s problem; and, thanks to various political influences, it is likely to get poked with a stick more and more often.  I am part of all those mini-worlds, and the greater world around them…

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Australia’s Freedom of Hate-Speech

by Dr Kerri O'Donnell Prime Minister Turnbull wants to change our Racial Discrimination Act to increase freedom of speech (1).  I have never heard any Australian complain that we have a freedom of speech problem, so this makes no sense whatsoever.  Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce agrees, stating that our Racial Discrimination Act is not a … Continue reading Australia’s Freedom of Hate-Speech

Privilege is a counter-productive word.

by Dr Kerri O'Donnell Today I stumbled upon a short illustrated story about privilege, On a Plate, by Toby Morris.  The story was touted by Brightside (host website) as "The Simplest and Most Perfect Explanation of Privilege I’ve Ever Seen". Well, I certainly appreciated it.  It is a good start.  But it is not the whole … Continue reading Privilege is a counter-productive word.