The original concept for Resilience 101 emerged from Dr Kerri O’Donnell‘s teaching and research interests whilst working in the university sector.  In 2009, northern Australians experienced devastating floods in both rural and urban areas, and vicious bushfires destroyed large southern areas: Lives, homes, businesses, livestock, wildlife, and infrastructure were lost and three states embarked upon the long road to recovery.  These disasters revealed business, social and personal resilience issues which fell outside the scope of her academic role, but Dr O’Donnell remained committed to finding a way to foster resilience in others – not only in terms of mitigating the effects of disaster-level adversities, but also in terms of more common, everyday challenges.

Eight years later, Resilience 101 is a private venture, registered in Australia.  We are committed to bringing you articles, resources and links that inspire informed debate, learning, self-esteem, confidence and empowerment across the three broad areas of personal, social and business resilience.

“People who are truly strong, lift others up” – Michelle Obama

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